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How to improve home value!

Home owners, if you're looking for ways to increase home value here are some solutions!
     The main questions home owners usually ask is if they can improve their home value and If yes how. Well the most necessary upgrade to increase equity would be the kitchen. Installing new stainless steel appliances adds a modern and clean look. Also adding new knobs and a new faucet are nice touch ups. In addition to the counter top a counter top upgrade to granite or engineered stone to add aesthetic. Another area of the kitchen to look at would be the walls. Drastically changing the whole kitchen by just tearing down a wall completely or even half of the wall can make it feel more spacious or make the original wall into a bar. Other creative ideas can come to life when working on your kitchen whether you paint or even add a back splash to add color to it can accent its eye appeal. A simple change in lighting is usually over looked but can sometimes add a new mood using a new lamp design or how strong or bright the lighting actually is.

     A Bathroom is used by everybody and when having guests over and you want to impress or just bored of the same old white on white, a whole new world can come out of a few changes to the loo. The main part of the bathroom would be the mirror, sink, cabinet combo. A simple and not too expensive new dramatic mirror.

 A  new modern sink and faucet is a must if the original parts are old or rusty.
     The original vanity can be updated with a simple paint or stain job. Now on to the potty. The toilet can be changed if necessary and if not you can give it a newer look with new seats. The painting of the walls can help increase its look and size. Go for a soft toned and light color to add to the tranquility. New shower curtains or proper cleaning of the sliding glass or fiberglass doors from all the lime build up can make it look a new bathroom. To the tub! If you have a bathtub And its not glossy anymore you can reglaze it yourself with a kit or hire a professional. Sometimes for around the same cost of the professional you can just buy a new tub. Putting up some art can lighten the mood or add an interesting touch to the bathroom scene.
     Going Green! It's a statement that probably everyone uses but it doesn't apply to even half the people who say it.  To get started trade in the the incandescent bulb for fluorescent. Yes the lights are not as soft and don't have the same warm glow but the energy you could save is enormous.   

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Advanced Realty Hudson
Advanced Realty Hudson