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What To Correct and What to Forget ...

What To Fix and What to Forget When Downsizing Homes.

Finding out how much time and work that needs to be done to your house before selling it and downsizing can be very annoying stuff. Add in the prices of relocating, the troubles of getting rid of some of your possessions and the emotional hardship of saying goodbye to a beloved home. So, let’s remove some of the worries out of moving by outlining what should be done before starting.

Do you think the buyers of your home will love the new tile as much as you did? Think again. Sellers are often baffled to learn new carpeting was ripped out shortly after selling, in favor of hardwood or laminate.

Sellers need to ask themselves, “Is this to the buyer’s liking? Will I recover the funds spent?” A lot of the time, the decision to do pre-sale renovations is up to how much time, money and disruptions the seller is willing to put up with.

There are certain fixes, such as a leaky roof, broken windows or an ineffective septic system. Anything that would cause buyer concern.

If you still feel like an update is needed to catch the eye of a prospective buyer, focus on the bathroom and kitchen. White is a huge kitchen trend right now, so consider a coat or two of paint, and definitely replace any broken appliances or fixtures.

A ton of money doesn’t need to be spent. There are many inexpensive finds on Kijiji or local community buy and sell pages. You can also update accessories, like towel racks or changing light fixtures or faucets, to give your home a fresh appearance without spending a fortune.

Moving is a lot a work no matter how you look at it, but it doesn’t have to include a disruptive renovation on top of it. Spend smartly and you’ll be settled in your new downsized home in no time.

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