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Dissecting The Art of Horror Games

If you enjoy horror movies or usually look for something scary on TV, you probably thought to yourself once or twice if anything more interactive existed based on the genre, the answer is simple, yes. Horror games can be all of those experiences from Movies and TV shows put into an immersive experience. Now, I’m going to dissect the art of horror games so you can decide for yourself if the Horror genre of Video Games are for you.


The most obvious one right? If you go for the Silent Hill series, you will find a game that’s comfortable in its own shoes, and truly a master of its craft. The graphics of the game were ahead of its time and it innovated a lot of themes you see today in horror games. We all know Monsters and Ghost are creepy in movies, but when this is put into a story based horror game, the interaction becomes something else entirely, because you are controlling the character.

Full of Suspense

Suspense is important in horror games, because if everything was just revealed in an instant, then there would be no build up. You will be happy to hear that most of the horror games are built with suspense, which add more drama and thrill to the game, followed by underlying details to scenery, such as, all the dark buildings, empty hospitals, and super scary metal asylums that are filled with creepy entities who have very frightening faces. This as a whole ultimately adds an incalculable amount of suspense to the game.

Resonating scary sounds

Well, no one will deny the fact that a scary sound is the soul of horror games, as without these sounds the game will not show its fangs. Sound plays an important role in scary scenes and movies like Silent Hill and Uninvited. They have creepy sounds effects which make you shiver while playing the game. The sound effects are just that part of horror games that bring it to life and creates an immersive, yet horrifying experience.

A Scary Story-line

Every horror game must have a Story-Line that grabs the attention of their players. Many players think that only the core concept of the games mechanics are on the line, but sometimes forget to realize that the Story-Line holds more value. Story-Lines often tethered to characters people can relate to are the games people get fully immersed into from the start, and that’s when the Story-Line can casts its magic.

Many people have a craving for wanting to be scared out of their shoes, either watching something on TV or going to a movie theater with friends or family, if you’re one of them, you should definitely give horror games a try. You never know what this new experience might do for you.


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