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Different Ways To Use Mail Chimp Fo...


                                        Helpful Ways Of Using Mail Chimp For Real Estate                                                                                                     
Mail Chimp integration allows Follow up Boss users to create drips and campaigns to ensure no leads fall the through the cracks and help close more deals.

Agents and brokers can set up an automatic sequence of emails that is triggered when the lead comes into Follow up Boss.

Create custom list segments based on tags in Follow Up Boss.

Develop auto respondents that send the minute a lead enters your system.

Track open and click rates directly on lead profiles in Follow Up Boss.

Develop and send campaigns based on lead type, source, tags, and more.

Lists and segments are automatically synced based on incoming leads.

Integrate in seconds using your Mail Chimp API key.

In conclusion, I hope this was informational for anyone who is using or wants to use Mail Chimp.

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Advanced Realty Hudson
Advanced Realty Hudson